4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160p),
stereo sound,
Blu-ray Disc,
aspect ratio 16:9, 30:27
© Kye Wilson.

4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160p),
stereo sound,
Blu-ray Disc,
aspect ratio 16:9, 30:27 (continuous loop),
installation view, God's House Tower (GHT), Southampton, UK
© Kye Wilson.

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Making of documentary


Director - Kye Wilson
Concept - Kye Wilson
Cinematographer - Neil Hunt
Performers - Vincent Adams and Helena Eflerová
Grip - Barry Baseley and Stephen Harvey Johnson
Editor - Neil Hunt
Making-of documentary - Luke Drake
Producer - Kye Wilson
Production Assistants - Barry Baseley, Dewi Cary, Luke Drake, Stephen Harvey Johnson and Hugh Greasley
Photography - Barry Baseley, Luke Drake, Helena Eflerová and Kye Wilson
Script - Neil Hunt and Kye Wilson
Sound design - Neil Hunt and Kye Wilson
Writers - Charlotte Bradley, Jenny Clayton, Hugh Greasley, Linda Hadfield, Maricar Jagger, Marie Love and Alan Morris

Special thanks to Jonas, Kathrin Bonnar, Daniel Crow, James Gough, Kerry McPhail, David Richmond, Dr Justin Smith, Cynthia Wilson, Douglas Wilson, The Lantern Community and Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust.

Kye Wilson is a Creative Lab Associate to the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth.

Angel:legnA is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Southampton Cultural Development Trust.

I want to demonstrate that everyone can engage with and contribute towards quality art, whatever the individual’s capability. My mission is to challenge public perceptions about contemporary art and disability by striving for the highest standards in both creativity and collaboration. Marrying quality art with diverse community engagement, empowering those of all ages and marginalised groups with limited or no access to art.

- Kye Wilson, Lead Artist