I am an award-winning visual artist using moving image to create video art and installations, often incorporating multidisciplinary, site-specific and live artworks. The main focus of my work is how art and technology can be used to explore the embodiment of space by the self and other, while challenging notions of absence and presence, real and simulated, and live versus mediated experience. 

I use specialised equipment and innovative filmmaking techniques to engage audiences, allowing them to bring their own sense of self and experiences to the artworks. My mission is to challenge public perceptions on contemporary art and technology by collapsing the dichotomy of creator/spectator in the production of meaning. 

My work has been performed, exhibited and screened nationally and internationally, through platforms including Kartong International Cultural Festival, The Gambia; APT Gallery, London; Portsmouth Historic Dockyard; Winchester Cathedral; Osek Monastery/Galerie ITC, Czech Republic; and Circulo de Belles Artes, Museum of Fine Arts, Madrid. 

I have received the award for Best Video Artwork at MADATAC, Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts in Spain; Best Film at the Undercover Surrealism exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London; and given a decoration from the jury prize at the Festival of Video Art "KinoLevchyk" in Lviv, Ukraine. I have also obtained an MA in Fine Art with distinction from University of Portsmouth in 2011.

Notable commissions include Journeys Festival International to create 'I AM OTHER'; 'Faces', awarded by Portsmouth Festivities and commissioned by Guildford Remembers, Guildford Borough Council; and 'Monocular View', commissioned by Space Interrupted. I am also a regular recipient of Arts Council England funding, most recently for my projects 'Embodied Vistas', 'Angel:legnA' and 'Empathy Machine'.

Alongside my creative practice, I have extensive experience in producing and project management, as well as mentoring, delivering workshops and working with artists living with complex needs. I am also a long-time collaborator of cinematographer Neil Hunt and have worked nationally and internationally with performance artist Helena Eflerová as the collective Wilson-Eflerová.

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