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Angel:lengA Press Release. (pdf file)
Spearman Press Release. (pdf file)
Monocular View information sheet. (pdf file)
Ecclesia/Synagoga Press Release. (pdf file)
Embodied Vistas Press Release. (pdf file)
Embodied Vistas information sheet. (pdf file)
Anima Animus exhibition at Osek interview by Nelli Alexia (English version). (pdf file)
Anima Animus exhibition at Osek interview by Nelli Alexia (Czech version). (pdf file)
Anima/Animus Press Release. (pdf file)
Anima/Animus (10 days, Winchester Cathedral) Press Release. (pdf file)
Hunter/Hunted (The National Trust) Press Release. (pdf file)


Precise Moments of Existence. (pdf file)
Charlotte Bradley
September, 2017

Angel:legnA Collective Memories. (pdf file)
Helena Eflerová
October, 2017

‘Angel:legnA’ review. (pdf file)
Charlotte Bradley
August, 2017

Technology and tradition: preserving culture in a globalised world. (pdf file)
Kate Davey
September, 2017

Summoned by a Shared Drum Beat, Review of ‘Spearman’. (pdf file)
Kerry McPhail
October, 2017

Understanding what Ecclesia/Synagoga Is. (pdf file)
Stella Bahin
June, 2015

The quest of WE for transformation: a slippage of selves in the spaces of time. (pdf file)
Dr Jeni Williams
November, 2014

Embodied Vistas. (pdf file)
Allan Taylor
September 8, 2014.

The Space between Body and Place. (pdf file)
Kate Davey
August 7, 2014.

Faces. (pdf file)
Petty Officer Graham R Brown
June, 2014

Review of ‘Anima/Animus’ at Winchester Cathedral, 10 days Creative Collisions. (pdf file)
Kerry McPhail
November 6, 2013

Animate/Inanimate: The Reanimated Ghosts of Anima/Animus. (pdf file)
Allan Taylor
October 31, 2013

Kye Wilson: Self-Perception and Site-Specific Art. (pdf file)
Kate Davey
May 2, 2013

Unsettled Entrapment of the Beautiful o/Other in Unified Spaces: a short essay on the conceptual
works of Kye Wilson.
(pdf file)
Dr. Trudy Barber FRSA FHEA
September 9, 2011