30:57 (continuous loop)
Kye Wilson (in collaboration with Helena Eflerová)
Single-channel HD video and sound installation
Installation view, Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, UK
© WE (Wilson-Eflerová).
Photograph © Russell Moreto

Preview Installation View
Photograph © Joe Low

Preview single-channel model – Ecclesia performance (excerpt)

Preview single-channel model - Synagoga performance (excerpt)


Director - Wilson-Eflerová, (Kye Wilson and Helena Eflerová)
Performer - Helena Eflerová
Cinematographer - Neil Hunt
Editor - Neil Hunt
Assistant Editors - Helena Eflerová and Kye Wilson
Choreographer - Helena Eflerová
Production Assistants - Dewi Cary and Matt O'Donovan
Make-Up and Hair - Cynthia Wilson
Studio Hire - Steve Launay at HillView Studio
Installation Build - Andy Moss at Spike Film and Video

Special thanks to 10 days team, Angela Peagram, Sophie Hacker, Russell Moreton, Kerry McPhail, Kate Laine-Toner, Allan Taylor, Jo White.

Anima/Animus is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

For exhibition and festival purposes to view the full video and obtain technical specifications, sketches and measurements for the installation of the work please contact the artist directly.

The contemporary artist risks belatedness, relegation to entertainment or decoration, unless he or she discovers a place from which to make an art that stands outside time…a transformational space.

- Dr Jeni Williams, ANIMA/ANIMUS, The quest of WE for transformation: a slippage of selves in the spaces of time