Embodied Vistas

Kye Wilson (in collaboration with Helena Eflerová)
Split-screen HD video and sound installation, 19:24
Single-channel HD video and sound installation, 08:46
© WE (Wilson-Eflerová)

Preview Installation View Installation view, APT Gallery, London, UK Installation view photograph © Kye Wilson.

Preview split-screen version (excerpt)

Preview single-channel model (excerpt)


Director - Wilson-Eflerová, (Kye Wilson and Helena Eflerová)
Performance Artist and Choreographer - Helena Eflerová
Producer - Kye Wilson
Cinematographer and Editor - Neil Hunt
Photography - Barry Baseley and Peter Missen
Production Assistants - Barry Baseley, Luke Drake and Hugh Greasley
Camera and Editing (installation view and live performance videos) – Luke Drake
Installation Build - Spike Film and Video

Special thanks to Nick Bertrand and Bettina Kabutz (Creekside Education Trust), Denise Callender,
Kate Davey, Hugh Greasley, Kate Laine-Toner, Liz May (A.P.T. Gallery), Kerry McPhail,
Angie Montagu (GalleryMuse), Allan Taylor.

Embodied Vistas is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth.

For exhibition and festival purposes to view the full video and obtain technical specifications, sketches and measurements for the installation of the work please contact the artist directly.

The Individual is in constant relationship to the world and to others, and it is this relationship – between a human figure and a physical space - that is explored so beautifully in ‘Embodied Vistas’.

- Kate Davey, The Space between Body and Place