Entrapment of the o/Other

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11:21 (continuous loop)
Site-specific Single-channel Video and Sound Installation
High Definition Video on DVD
Dimensions variable

Installation view:
The Round Tower, Portsmouth, 2011


Director - Kye Wilson
Performer - Helena Eflerová
Cinematographer - Neil Hunt
Choreography - Helena Eflerová
Sound - Matt Greenfield
Production Assistants - Dewi Carey and Phil Holehouse
Editing – Neil Hunt and Kye Wilson
Costume - Evgenia Dragoeva
Sound Production (5.1 Audio Mix) – Jon Callender
Volunteers – Dewi Cary & Jason Weir

'Entrapment of the o/Other’ is funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and sponsored by the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries CCi SPACE Offsite Programme and Portsmouth City Council.

For exhibition and festival purposes to view the full video and obtain technical specifications, sketches and measurements for the installation of the work please contact the artist directly.

In a contemporary Western media‐rich society such as ours, our relationship to space, location and embodiment are transformed through technology and are in constant flux. We are mobile, transient and constantly engaged with our senses; technologically immersed and networked into our intimate worlds of surround sound, three dimensional moving images, interaction with the virtual, and ubiquitous participation.

- Dr. Trudy Barber, Unsettled Entrapment of the Beautiful o/Other in Unified Spaces